Conservation: Clair-Maltby 2018

Click here to read the newsletter article “Protecting the Moraine” written by Marnie Benson, Nature Guelph’s Conservation Co-ordinator


Clair Maltby Secondary Plan Public Meeting

The City of Guelph will present the comprehensive environmental impact study characterization report completed for phase 1 and 2 of the Clair-Maltby secondary plan:

September 26

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Council Chambers, City Hall

1 Carden Street, Guelph

The report is available for review in advance of the meeting Here.  Members are urged to attend this meeting to support protecting the last greenfield area of Guelph.

Nature Guelph is a member of the Protect Our Moraine coalition.  If you would like to join the mailing list for Protect Our Moraine click Here.

The Protect Our Moraine coalition has formed to ensure the integrity of the Paris-Galt Moraine is protected as planning proceeds to develop the Clair-Maltby development.  The Protect Our Moraine coalition believes more innovative development is necessary that prioritizes the environment and Guelph’s groundwater.

The coalition opposes any development or infrastructure that unnecessarily threatens the landscape, ground water or the cultural or natural heritage features of the Clair-Maltby area.

The members of the Protect Our Moraine Coalition include

  •    Architectural Conservancy of Ontario of Guelph-Wellington
  •    Families for Rolling Hills
  •    Foundation for the Support of International Medical Training (FSIMT)
  •    Guelph Urban Forest Friends (GUFF)
  •    Nature Guelph
  •    Wellington Water Watchers

The Protect Our Moraine coalition believes clean drinking water and breathable fresh air are necessary to sustain life.  Thus, because Guelph is a unique groundwater-dependent community, we must protect the groundwater recharge function and quality as well as the natural and cultural heritage features of the Clair-Maltby area.  This area is the last large greenfield area within the city and thus requires very careful planning. Furthermore, because clean water and fresh air are vital to everyone, the protection of the Paris-Galt Moraine is of vital importance to all the citizens of Guelph and surrounding communities.

The planning for this unique area must put the environment first, therefore the Protect Our Moraine Coalition demands that the City:

  •    Set population density at a maximum of 12,050;
  •    Protect the natural water recharge functions;
  •    Provide a full-range and maximum size of parks as suggested by the Official Plan – Urban Squares, Neighbourhood, Community and Regional Parks;
  •    Focus on low-carbon transportation infrastructure to all amenities and residences;
  •    Restore, protect and maintain the integrity of the Natural Heritage System in the area including the tree canopy and the moraine topography;
  •    Protect the heritage buildings and landscapes identified in the area;
  •    Consult with all groups, organizations and individuals who have an interest in city-building; and,
  •    Obtain Free, Prior and Informed Consent from the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, as per the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples before initiating Phase 3 planning activities for Clair-Maltby.



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