Guelph’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC)

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Guelph’s 52nd Christmas Bird Count will take place on Sunday December 16, 2018!  

About the Christmas Bird Count

Every December, people all over the world participate in a citizen science project called the Christmas Bird Count. The Guelph count takes place in a 24km diameter circle around the city, and is divided into sections. Birders go out in teams to identify and count as many birds as possible in a single day in their section and results are compiled at a “tally rally” at the end of the day. The data is an important contribution to knowledge of wintering bird populations and how they are changing over time. You can find more information on the CBC on Bird Studies Canada’s website at:

People of all levels of experience are welcome to participate in each year’s count!  The CBC is a great way to participate in avian science, and learn a little about the birds that spend their winters here in Guelph. 

How To Take Part in Guelph’s CBC

To volunteer and to get more information (including where and when to meet and what to bring), volunteers are asked to contact one of the leaders of the 13 sections if you already know what section you want to count in (shown in the table below and on the accompanying map), or count coordinator Mike Cadman at

The 2018 Section Leaders are listed below.

2018 Section Leaders:

Area Number Area Name Contact Phone            E-mail
1       Hanlon Valley  Richard Baxter 519-803-1190
2       Aberfoyle       Dave Brewer 519-763-0997
3       Little Tract    Rohan van Twest    519-823-5390
4       Reformatory     Mike Cadman   519-822-9834
5       Speed River     Ron Lohr    519-824-9230
6       West End    Larry Staniforth 519-767-2693
7       The Desert     Curtis Combdon 519-546-0158
8       Kortright       Dan Riley 226-820-3750
9       Eramosa River     Kyle Horner     519-835-0944
10      Halton      Marnie Benson 519-830-4412
11      Guelph Lake    Valerie Wyatt    519-826-6757
12      Rockwood        Bill McIlveen    519-853-3948
13 Arkell Matt Iles 519-362-6611