Fundraising for Nature Guelph’s support for a second rare property in the Eramosa River Conservation Corridor

raresites is an initiative of the rare Charitable Research Reserve to promote community-driven land securement in the Grand River watershed. raresites has developed a land securement strategy for the rare Charitable Research Reserve to identify, acquire or otherwise protect ecologically important areas in the Waterloo-Wellington region as conservation lands. This identified the Eramosa River “Conservation Corridor” as a priority for conservation.

In 2019 rare purchased an 87 acre property in the Eramosa River Corridor with support from Nature Guelph and its membership. This property will link to future conservation easements in the Eramosa River Conservation Corridor, as well as to additional conservation land donations. rare is now fundraising to purchase a second property, an ecologically interesting 48 acre property close to Eden Mills, a small part of which spans the river. rare would like to engage Nature Guelph members in stewardship and in nature-related activities in this and the first property purchased.
Nature Guelph will match up to a total of $2000 any member contributions. 
Every dollar counts. A contribution of any size means you will be making a significant difference to the health and beauty of our area –– forever.

Donations can be made either by giving or sending a cheque to the Nature Guelph Treasurer, Laura Rundle ( Treasurer, Nature Guelph, PO Box 1401, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6N8, or by donating on the Canada Helps website (

To donate through Canada Helps, search on their website for Nature Guelph, then under “Donate now” apply the donation to the “rare land acquisition – Property 2” in the drop-down menu. Depending on how you donate, Nature Guelph or the Canada Helps website site will issue a tax receipt for the donation.

Further details are available from John Prescott, the Club’s representative on the raresites team (